ADROC is more than just a full-service marketing communication agency. We are the Human Connection Agency,  We are the disrupters, the creatives, and innovators who help you form a purposeful connection with your consumer.  We are nimble, strategic and honest and always pushing to make your brand better with authentic engagement.

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We think holistically about your brand and develop a cohesive plan to achieve business objectives. Our tactics all ladder up to an overarching mission powered by industry insights and our thorough understanding of consumer behavior.


Driving valuable longstanding brand affinity through memorable experiences. Both offline and online, we develop a strategy that will enable you to interact with your fans at a personal level and build trust with your brand.


Building an integrated look and voice for your brand is the core of what we do at ADROC. We ensure your brand resonates with your audience and is own able. 


For years, the brand to consumer interaction was a one way street. Not anymore. We have our fingers on the pulse of what your followers and fans are talking about and how to effectively engage them in a conversation.


Try before you buy has always been an effective way to generate instant interaction between your brand and consumers. We create programs that effectively put your product in the hands of your customers to encourage purchase.


A website is more than just a design, it’s a gateway into your business. We strive to collaborate with you on your business strategy so your site drives marketing results. By optimizing your site’s user experience, we start the conversation with your consumer and engage them with the brand.


The world of digital is rapidly evolving with new ways to connect and engage being created every day. We are early adapters to exciting technologies and are always willing to find interesting and unexpected ways to disrupt.


Contests and Sweepstakes are about leveraging the exposure to drive sales and brand awareness. We develop contests and sweepstakes that allow your consumers to share their content, information and ultimately their enthusiasm for your brand.


To sponsor an event is more than just brand awareness, it’s about connecting your brand to your fans’ passion. We develop partnerships with properties that align with your consumers on multiple levels for a true 360 activation.


To grab attention, it’s all about disruption. Our creative causes a reaction, whether it’s through humor, shock or cleverness. We know that if it’s memorable and on strategy, then it’s effective. 


The new celebrity endorser does not play a sport or sell out arenas. They are personalities who use social platforms to reach their audience. We know how to tap the right people to connect your brand with your fans.


Video is the now and the future. We produce the right 6 seconds to thumb stop your fans so they engage with your content. We collaborate with you to craft the story, storyboard the concept, design, edit and produce the most memorable and effective creative.