we connect humans!

Some say we’re an integrated marketing agency that brings together consumer engagement, social engagement and global sourcing.
We’re actually humans just like you!

We spend our day making connections and influencing other humans to take action, whatever that may be. Through years of experimentation, we have perfected a working formula that allows us to bring successful human connections to every campaign, promotion, and client engagement and it is the foundation of everything we do and why our company exists.

P4 = HC

Passion - Just like a great band, a game changing band, a band that has created that sound that moves the world, ADROC’s passion for what we do is only part of our formula for successful consumer activation. Just like how a band moves a crowd, we do the same with your product.
Process - Just like professional athletes, years of practice, hard work, grueling training and some long hours combined with some natural talent, gives us the skill to process marketing experiences that truly affect consumers, move and influence them not to just stand and applaud – but to take action!
Performance - Just like a high-performance vehicle before it ever hits the road, ADROC's test-driving and fine-tuning assures that every campaign will have the highest level of performance and responsiveness when it’s time to leave the showroom.
People - We are humans that love to sink our teeth into everything we do because we love the taste of success…not ours, yours! As passionate as you are about your brand and your product, we are just as passionate about making a connection that resonates and influences humanity to buy.

what we do

Consumer Engagement
We’re about getting the brand in the hand, giving faces to names, and making the brand both relevant and natural.

+ Experiential
+ Promotional Strategies
+ Human Intercepts
+ Creative Design
+ Sampling Programs
+ Brand Consulting
+ Brand Partnerships
+ Video Production

Social Engagement
ADROC believes giving influential consumers the opportunity to connect with the brand on a platform they’ll want to share with other followers, giving your brand more consideration, and more consumer confidence.

+ Social Media Contest
& Sweepstakes
+ Database Management
+ Custom Microsite
+ Online Incentives
+ Loyalty Programs
+ Creative Content Management

Global Sourcing
Our connections with suppliers around the world and extensive experience have given us the expertise to find the right products and imprinting methods for giving your brand an identity that functions in the daily life of your consumer.

+ Sample Production
+ POS/POP Displays
+ Fulfillment Programs
+ Package Design
+ Collateral
+ Custom Products

our work


Some of our relationships that make ADROC the agency it is!

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1454 West Willow St. 
Chicago, IL 60642

3770 NW 124TH Ave
Coral Springs, FL 33065

3619 Bull Creek Rd
Austin, TX 78731

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