Xtreme Xperience - The largest Supercar Experience in North America

Challenge: Xtreme Xperience challenged ADROC develop a go-to-market growth strategy in scaling a supercar driving experience from a one consumer track event in 2011 to a national presence by 2012 that would rank among the top consumer supercar driving experiences in the world.

Solution: ADROC re-constructed their business model into a road-map which would support rapid market penetration and expansion while also increasing national brand awareness. The business model included naming the company, writing and implementing new business and marketing plans, financially modeling, pricing strategies, social and PR campaigns as well as establishing relationships with corporate partners.  ADROC dedicated a full time marketing executive to work as their in house marketing director in 2012 and train their staff for future growth.

Results: The newly branded company, The Xtreme Xperience, has been touted as the #1 super-car experience in the United States with 27 events per year on 24 tracks, and over 34,000 happy customers. With ADROC’s help, The Xtreme Xperience achieved 100% growth from 2012 to 2013 and continues to grow, being recognized in numerous regional and national syndications.