Champagne Cattier - Ultra Luxury Champagne Maker

Challenge: Champagne Cattier wanted to expand their global notoriety and exportation channels.

Solution: ADROC developed and executed a 360 integrated marketing plan for the last 5 years with a focus on influencing both consumer and trade purchasing.  ADROC built a strong influencer program with celebrities and taste makers who have featured Champagne Cattier in their movies, print publications and music videos.  ADROC has aligned Champagne Cattier with a premier importer in the United States to import and distribute their various Champagne product lines. 

Results: Champagne Cattier now exports over 1 million bottles of Champagne within the United States, making it the 4th larger export for the vineyard. Since engaging with ADROC, Champagne Cattier went from 56 countries of export to over 93 countries of export. ADROC has helped drive popularity with international celebrities, professional athletes, top recognized chefs, exporters and has increased distribution by 30% since 2009.